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did perez hilton just say he was one of marinas “champions”


this was the best promo she did for any single of that album



  • She’s 29. (We knew that already but you didn’t, maybe.)
  • Francesco Carrozzini was still “a friend” in June.
  • She broke up with Barrie due to his problems.
  • Lana probably read “The Boudoir Bible”.
  • She steals Francesco’s cigarettes.
  • She says that all of the songs on Ultraviolence are about previous relationships.
  • Lana’s record label wanted her to record everything with Adele’s producer because they thought Auerbach’s work sucked but Adele’s producer said he wouldn’t change anything and suddenly the record label didn’t want to change it either.
  • She says that she hasn’t had a drink or gotten high since one day after her senior year in Lake Placid when she couldn’t find her car and was ill.

Read the whole interview here.


i want someone to murder me while heavy metal lovers plays in the background




welcome to dencon. on your birthday you get an extra hour in the pit.

I don’t know how much Denny’s pays their social media team but however much it is, it’s not enough